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开始:输入任意url,点击“速度快”或者“兼容性好”,之后您将看到所提供url的Markdown版本;点击“Get Urls”得到这个页面的所有URL。提示:鼠标双击可以清空输入框。
(可选) 我们使用 BeautifulSoup 获取页面的内容,可以需要参考其语法,参数示范: div id="content" or div class="article"


"Developer API"

This service

$ curl https://markdown.readmorejoy.com/\?url\=https://www.readmorejoy.com/


Markdown, Please! is a service that instantly converts websites into Markdown.

To get started: enter any URL, hit "Markdown, Please!", and you will be presented with a Markdown version of the URL you provided. Tips: dbclick is clean input.

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